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Easily reach your user base with our iAlertPeople App. Using the iAlertPeople platform paired with our Bluetooth beacons and or sensors, you’ll have a business profile created and have the ability to send timely content directly to smartphones and gain valuable, real-time data. And as an added benefit, your users will receive the iAlertPeople experience from other participating iAlertPeople clients using the iAlertPeople app.


Download our iAlertPeople App for iPhone and Android and see how it can work for your use case.


Ability to use additional beacons to send out separate pings that could be part of a tour or sequential. This is a great way to provide information on walking tours or introduce gamification at your conference.

Smartphone App

Hosting of smartphone app and mobile content management system

iAlertPeople server

Access to iAlertPeople server

Content management system access and statistics

Ability to load content, manage beacons associated to your account, and see real-time data statistics such as most popular beacon and length of stay.

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