Improve passenger experience
and earn even more.


It’s true that airports have plenty of challenges when it comes to delivering quality passenger experience and increasing non-aeronautical revenue.

However, WBA’s native and location-aware mobile apps will provide on-demand information about flights, concessions, retailers and more, thereby keeping passengers well informed and relaxed.

Happy passengers spend 45% more than distressed passengers.*

You should know that WBA’s solution doesn’t end with the passenger. With powerful behind-the-scenes tools, it is much easier to increase non-aeronautical revenue through traffic-generating promotions that are sent based on passengers’ airport locations.

WBA’s mobile advertising platform can also help airports to generate more revenue. Advanced analytics provide visibility and insights into campaign performance and the entire passenger journey

*Source: JD Power and Associates North America Airport Satisfaction Study

How it Works

Mobile-Powered Passenger Experience

Surveys and Feedback

Surveys and Feedback

Passengers can also fill in-app surveys and complete reports.



Send targeted and location-based ads to passengers



With location-based promotions, you can increase airport in-spending

Flight Tracker

Flight Tracker

Provide passengers with real-time information about flights; delays, arrival time, etc.

Interactive Directories

Interactive Directories

With a few clicks and taps, patients can find any department that they wish.

Real-Time Indoor and Outdoor Navigation

Real-Time Indoor and Outdoor Navigation

Provide patients with a standalone r in-app digital guide.


Location marketing engine
Create and manage campaigns and promotions based on customers’ airport locations.

Advertising engine
Airports have been selling physical signage for years to get money. Now, real estate can be sold the same way on our app. You can also monitor current campaigns and earnings.

Analytics engine
Use locations-based campaigns to uncover rich insights across the entire passenger journey.

Content management engine
Manage and automatically publish important content wherever you are.

Mapping engine
Keep your maps and geo-fences up to date with just a few clicks.



  • Broadcast push messaging
  • Location entry / exit campaigns
  • Real-time triggered events
  • Translation capabilities
  • Open integration APIs
  • Interactive directory
  • Promotions
  • Surveys and feedback
  • Analytics
  • Advertising
  • iOS and Android
  • Battery-friendly
  • GPS, Wi-Fi and beacon for location
  • Real-time integration with flight data systems

Get started with your airport mobile solution today!

Let us help you create a mobile app that increases non-aeronautical revenue while improving airport wayfinding, operations and the passenger experience. Our brandable airport solution comes with powerful features out of the box and is perfect for airports that want relatively low total cost of ownership (TCO) and quick time to market.

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