Build a custom application
from the ground up.

WBA deliver at every stage of mobile. From strategy to fulfillment, WBA creates category-defining mobile experiences for the world’s leading brands.



A successful strategy results from clearly understanding business and user goals, implementing intelligent architecture and ensuring platform extensibility and expandability.

Creating utility and value as a first priority 
and focusing on experiences rather than feature sets ensures we deliver solutions that drive value.

We drive ongoing results through the combination of performance with business intelligence, evolving roadmaps underlying experiences and treating those experiences like core products and services.


Our design team is focused on creating the most incredibly visual and interactive experiences possible. WBA design is never random and always based on careful study of your goals and your audience.

Our goal is to build applications that encourage users to interact with design elements and enjoy searching for the subtleties that bring the experience to life.



Successful solutions are the outcome of a process-driven Agile development methodology that provides a solid and predictable foundation for the project, while the design, development and optimization remain fluid, flexible and iterative.

Powering this process is a team of people with backgrounds in mobile, infrastructure, communications and networking who ensure WBA will deliver best of breed and world-class products and services.

Build the team that’s right for you.

Quality Assurance & Support

Delivery is not the destination but the beginning of an ongoing journey that strives to continuously innovate and inspire.

Our solutions include a support infrastructure to enable the constant evolution of the brand experience across mobile and how users engage with it.

Prepare for success.


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