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Real-Time Tracking: Location

WBA, in partnership with industry leader in real life-time location system (RTLS) Bluvision, are able to track a large number of assets equipment & employees spread over large area or a few high value assets within a specific area, with sub one-meter accuracy.


Breakthrough RTLS (Real-Time Locating Systems) lets you know where your assets (equipment or people) are, at any given instance, regardless of whether they are in a single location or multiple locations.


This sophisticated technology not only tracks in real-time but also with great accuracy – within one-meter, and in and out of user-defined geo-fences, leveraging a simple, cost-effective architecture.

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Path history, heat maps, and predictive analysis can be used to track history of movement, thus bringing significant insights into your environment, whether it’s a complex manufacturing environment, an airport, or a large-scale retail environment.

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