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Capitalize on users’
daily digital trail.

Mobile data: blind spot or big asset?

Everything consumers do with their smartphone, tablet or laptop contributes to a daily digital trail that can tell brands who they are, where they have been, their preferences and even where they’re likely to go next. It’s all valuable information that users naturally share and mobile devices naturally collect.


Thousands of apps touch WBA’s platform and continuously feed data and events into it.

650 + Million

 Monthly unique devices globally

1 in 10

Devices reached globally

40 Billion

Monthly user events

This data includes how much time users spend in apps, how they engage, what they tap on and what they ignore. It includes latitude/longitude location data and information about Wi-Fi networks the user has connected to. Each device touching the WBA platform contributes an average of 66 of these events per month to the data stack.

When data from Phunware’s platform is combined with first-party data from your own app, you can develop an unprecedented understanding of your audience.


Proprietary in-app audience data

Rich campaign engagement data

Always-on location data

Build a picture of user behavior within the context of a single device

Group devices that are likely associated with a single user (smartphone, tablet and Apple TV, for example) for even deeper insights

Understand which devices users prefer for which activities

Predict user propensities: How much time do they spend at work? When are they likely to leave the office? Where and when do they shop?

Uncover hidden audience segments: What traits do your power users have in common? How can you find and target more users like them?

Use mobile insights to inform your larger marketing and product development strategies

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