Mapping, Navigation and Wayfinding


Because WBA’s Mapping, Navigation and Wayfinding solution is architected on top of our award-winning Multiscreen as a Service (MaaS™) cloud platform, you can manage everything associated with mapping, navigation and wayfinding from anywhere.

Speaking of flexibility, this solution is available for both iOS and Android, it can be used at any kind of facility or campus, and WBA can support you in either a managed service or a self-service model. Combine WBA’s mapping, navigation and wayfinding module with our blue dot positioning technology for a comprehensive mobile location solution.

Multi-Campus / Building and Indoor Mapping

Bring your locations to life with customizable mobile maps. Using building blueprints and architectural diagrams, WBA’s stellar creative teams build beautiful and engaging renderings that can be embedded into a mobile application. The solution is extremely flexible and can support multiple campuses, buildings and floors.

Native Map Experience With Zoom and Rotation

We keep up with the latest Google and Apple mapping technologies so our user experience is on par with that of the apps your users are accustomed to. WBA maps support rotation, zooming and full outdoor contextual references including roads, neighborhoods and landmarks.

Points of Interest

Display important points of interest (POIs) on your venue map like restaurants, shops, ATMs and restroom facilities. For each POI, manage important details like hours of operation, menus, pictures, descriptions and even custom icons to provide additional contextual details.

Search and Filtering

Rich search capabilities allow a user to search for any POI or meta-data associated with the POI. Developers can also leverage the filtering capabilities which provide additional display flexibility.

Routing and Navigation

Empower visitors to find their way to any point of interest with custom indoor routes. Standard and accessible routing ensures everyone has a positive navigation experience.

Enterprise-Class and Customizable

WBA’s solution scales whether you have one location or thousands. Our advanced caching layer ensures the best experience possible, regardless of the user’s connectivity. This flexible architecture provides incredible offline capabilities and empowers developers to customize the look and feel of all elements of the map.

Blue Dot-Compatible

WBA’s Mapping, Navigation and Wayfinding SDK is pre-integrated into our Blue Dot SDK. This integration allows users not only to see a beautiful and rich map, but also to see their position on that map! Please visit the Blue Dot page for more information.


  • iOS and Android SDKs
  • Native map integration
  • Campus-wide navigation
  • Cloud-based infrastructure
  • Map zoom in and out
  • Points of interest (POIs)
  • Auto-show and hide of POIs
  • Enterprise class
  • Compass and map rotation
  • Supports accessibility
  • Multiple campus support
  • Searching enabled


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