Indoor/Outdoor Blue Dot


Your visitors will always find their way.

Combining WBA’s Blue Dot functionality with our Mapping, Navigation and Wayfinding ensures that visitors see their position on a rich map. They will also get routed to their destination quickly.

Indoor Positioning

WBA’s Blue Dot SDK is fully compatible with iOS and Android and it pinpoints a device’s location to real-world latitude, longitude and floor.

Campus-Level Positioning

Many large establishments know that visitors need to go from outside to inside and back during a single visit. WBA’s Blue Dot supports both indoor and outdoor environment as it uses various location provider technologies.

GPS-Like Experience

WBA’s Routing feature and the Blue Dot align with a visitor’s route as the visitor gets nearer to the destination-and we do it without the blue dot “bounce” or “wiggle”. WBA’s algorithms enable an experience that is strikingly similar to the GPS mapping experience that mobile provides.


  • iOS and Android SDKs
  • Native map integration
  • Campus-wide navigation
  • Cloud-based infrastructure
  • Map zoom in and out
  • Points of interest (POIs)
  • Auto-show and hide of POIs
  • Enterprise class
  • Compass and map rotation
  • Supports accessibility
  • Multiple campus support
  • Searching enabled

Get started with indoor blue dot location positioning today!

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