Blue Dot


Your visitors will never get lost again.

When WBA’s Blue Dot functionality is combined with our Mapping, Navigation and Way finding, visitors see their position on a rich map—and they get routed to their destination in real time.

Indoor Positioning

WBA’s Blue Dot SDK is fully compatible with iOS and Android and pinpoints a device’s location to real-world latitude, longitude and floor.

Campus-Level Positioning

Many large businesses, hospitals and educational campuses face a serious wayfinding challenge: visitors need to go from outside to inside and back during a single visit. Because WBA’s Blue Dot solution leverages multiple location provider technologies, it supports both outdoor and indoor environments.

GPS-Like Experience

When combined with WBA’s Routing feature, the Blue Dot aligns with a visitor’s route as the visitor progresses towards the destination—and we do it smoothly, without the blue dot “bounce” or “wiggle”. WBA’s algorithms enable an experience similar to the GPS mapping experience users are accustomed to seeing on mobile.


Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacon-Based

WBA’s indoor location solution provides 3-10 foot accuracy and updates a user’s position more than once per second. We work with facilities through the entire implementation, including beacon provisioning, site survey, installation and calibration.


With WBA’s Blue Dot SDK, developers can leverage a GPS signal to enable outdoor-to-indoor navigation use cases. For example: walking from a parking lot to a facility where other location technology (e.g. Wi-Fi or beacons) might not be present.

Cisco Wi-Fi (CMX)

Because WBAis integrated with Cisco’s Connected Mobile Experience (CMX) solution our customers can leverage the Cisco infrastructure to provide indoor positioning.

Apple Indoor Maps

WBA has integrated with Apple’s Indoor Maps product to leverage the new iOS 8 indoor location features. The new Core Location API from iOS provides latitude, longitude and floor—and WBA takes care of the rest. Because this feature takes advantage of existing Wi-Fi infrastructure, motion sensors and other physical textures (such as walls), there’s no need to purchase or install new hardware.


  • iOS and Android SDKs
  • Native map integration
  • Campus-wide navigation
  • Cloud-based infrastructure
  • Map zoom in and out
  • Points of interest (POIs)
  • Auto-show and hide of POIs
  • Enterprise class
  • Compass and map rotation
  • Supports accessibility
  • Multiple campus support
  • Searching enabled

Get started with indoor blue dot location positioning today!

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