Turn data into Strategy.

Drive engagement and monetization with a deep understanding of your mobile audience.

WBA’s App Analytics and Business Intelligence module empowers brands to make smarter, data-driven business decisions.

Leverage the WBA platform to optimize your mobile strategy and consolidate all your analytics under a single login.


Get amazing insights

Track and monitor device usage, app session details and more.

Monitor what matters

Every business is unique. Custom analytics enable you to track relevant actions to optimize user experience and conversions.

Engage and monetize

Personalize and expand engagement with your audience to create new monetization opportunities.


Prove that your mobile marketing strategy resulted in more store visits, more purchases, more traffic, more fans, higher per-purchase spending—or whatever metrics you use to measure success.

Get amazing insights

Discover what leads users to your app and which features they value.

Get amazing insights

Understand how much time users spend in your app and when they use it most (or least).

Get amazing insights

Evaluate the success of your mobile initiatives and how well you retain users.


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