Turn data into Strategy.

Drive engagement and monetization with a deep understanding of your mobile audience.

WBA’s App Analytics and Business Intelligence module will help brands in the decision-making process.

 The WBA platform can help you to optimize your mobile strategy and consolidate all your analytics under a single login.

Get amazing insights

Keep tabs on device usage, app session details and much more.

Monitor what matters

Every business is unique. With custom analytics, you can track relevant actions and use them to optimize user experience and conversions.

Engage and monetize

Personalize and expand engagement with your audience to create new monetization opportunities.


Show that your mobile marketing strategy achieved the desired results, regardless of your parameters.

Get amazing insights

Discover your users’ values and attractions.

Get amazing insights

Get your app’s most (or least) useful time.

Get amazing insights

Evaluate the success of your mobile initiatives and your user retention rates.

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