Engage, manage and monetize your users.

Create immersive context as well as location-aware mobile experiences.

Get access to all you need to succeed on mobile.

Whether you’re just getting started or you feel it’s time for the next phase of your mobile strategy, you can use WBA’s platform to enrich your app. Choose your preferred module or bundle for consistency and cost-efficiency across every mobile property.

  • Mobile Marketing Automation
  • Mapping, Navigation and Wayfinding
  • Audience Building and Monetization
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Content Management
  • Analytics and Business Intelligence

Mobile Marketing Automation

Engage your app users with content and location-aware mobile campaigns and maximize your investment in user acquisition.

  • Use location triggers to effectively target individual app users
  • Monetize your audience with targeted content, messaging, and in-app experiences
  • With campaign analytics, you can also uncover your audience insights

Mapping, Navigation and Wayfinding

Use effective location and navigation to guide your users both indoors and out and which provides an effective rte to their destination. Place points of interest for your facility and provide users with content that’s relevant to their location.

Audience Building

Increase your app downloads ad expand your base. Launch and optimize our app in real-time. You can also keep tabs on your progress as time goes on.

Audience Monetization

Make your app profitable with ads and still ensure a smooth user experience. Serve rich media, video, and other forms of ads to make quick cash.

Alerts and Notifications

Use our simple web-based portal to create and manage push notification campaigns. Supplement your in-house and third-party push notification system and rely on one that’s in line with your business goals and needs.

Send various forms of notifications and alerts that are connected with various brand-specific business rules and policies (on a certain day/time, when an action is taken, etc).

Content Management

Load, store, manage and curate all your meta-data, media and user-generated content within your app in real time.

Our Content Management module will prevent app store submission and approval headaches. You as won’t need standalone CMS and back-end systems. It’s highly cost-effective.

Analytics and Business Intelligence

Use a single-login interface to manage all your business intelligence, analysis, and reporting. Available analytics include:

  • App session times
  • App usage analytics
  • Facility-based metrics
  • And more
Media and Hosting

Use your own Amazon S3 credentials or store your content in the WBA cloud.

Social Media

Make your app even more interactive.


Control content for in-app goods and subscriptions.

Loyalty and Rewards

Customize your offers and use segmented programs to increase engagement.

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