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Take control of your mobile engagement with the iAlertPeople platform:


Our products and Bluetooth beacons and or sensors work together to deliver your users the right information at the right moment. With the iAlertPeople platform, you can be sure you are getting the most out of the product that works best for your particular use case and data sharing needs.


Our platform is powered by the iAlertPeople Content Management System (CMS) which manages all of our products. The CMS provides you with the ability to upload content and media directly to iAlertPeople provided or your existing Bluetooth beacons and or sensors, allowing for content to be sent whenever a user comes into proximity.


And while users are receiving timely content, you’re receiving valuable analytics. Our CMS tracks all user engagement so you can see what your users find valuable, improving your marketing efforts.

iAlertPeople App

Easily reach your user base with our iAlertPeople App. Using the iAlertPeople platform paired with our Bluetooth

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iAlertPeople White Label Solution

Utilize all of the benefits of the iAlertPeople platform to manage an app of your own, with the iAlertPeople White

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iAlertPeople SDK

Integrate our iAlertPeople SDK into your own mobile app to send out proximity based information to your

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