What offers are working?

All types of offers work with our traffic. Any campaign that is tested and optimized on can work, you just have to optimize accordingly. Again, use our AdOptimizer to help you with this.

MOST IMPORTANT: do not be afraid to spend $50-$100 to get enough information to get an offer to work. For more information on what offers are working, we recommend asking your affiliate network’s AM what is getting good results on their end.

I have deposited money into my account, and I cannot see it? Where is it?

If you are depositing money from Paypal for the first time to your account, there may be an hour delay. If you still cannot see the money in your account a few hours after your deposit, please email martyb@webuildappsllc.com.

How do I set up conversion tracking?

Conversion tracking is always recommended, as it will allow you to use the Ad Optimizer to help grow your campaign. Click the button to our Support article “Standard Conversion Tracking.”

What should I have for a daily budget?

I always recommend having a minimum daily budget of $25. This will allow for best distribution of your ads, and will help with determining how to increase traffic to your campaign.

How can I increase traffic to my campaign?

There are a number of ways to increase your traffic, including:

  • Increasing your bid price
  • Add more creatives, both in the same size as before and new sizes
  • Add text creative
  • Add AdPrompts
  • Bid on additional channels
How long does it take to get my campaign approved?

We are generally approving campaigns a number of times a day. If you would like the approval process to be expedited, please email martyb@webuildappsllc.com

Should I use my own tracking platform?

This is a personal preference and there are many tracking platforms to choose from.

How long does it take to see traffic to my campaign? Is there a delay with the reporting?

Once your campaign is approved, it generally takes 30-60 minutes to start getting impressions. Our reporting platform has an hour delay from real time. If you are relying on it for reporting, then it will take 90-120 minutes to see clicks to a newly approved campaign.

What are the average CPCs for countries?

This information is constantly changing. The rule of thumb is that there are a handful of countries that require bidding higher than the minimum bid, such as USA, Australia, United Kingdom, Argentina, etc. Please ask your rep what you should be bidding on these countries. Most of the other countries will get good volume at the .05 minimum bid.

Can you help me optimize my campaign?

Yes! We have a tool for this as well. Please check out our Ad Optimizer, which is found at the bottom of the Campaign Information Box on your campaign, or click the “Ad Optimizer” button. Click the “Support Article” button to show you how to get the best information out of the Ad Optimizer.

How can I find how many impressions are available in a certain geographical area? …Or per carrier? …Or by platform?

We have a tool available to you called the Media Planner. It allows you to find the available impressions available for you. All the information is given by ‘Daily Impressions’. To find the Media Planner, just click on ‘Reports’, or click the following button.

Do you have Optimization Tokens and how do I use them in my links?

Click the button to our Support article “Optimization – Available Macros.”

How do I set up a campaign on WBA Advertising?

Click the button to our Support article “Creating A Campaign.”

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