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About CEO

Rodney Colley

Founder & President

Rodney Colley stands as The President and Founder of We Build Apps LLC. Colley brings more 
than 25 years of executive—level experience in information technology and management.


 progressive insight, expertise in developing software applications and strategic business approach
 has been his mark of distinction as he has grown We Build Apps (WBA) into the industry leading
 organization it is today.


Colley’s responsibilities include overseeing the growth and evolution of WBA’s sales and marketing
 initiatives. Colley’s commitment to innovation and customer—focused solutions is backed by his 
broad understanding of technical, business and market realities.

For Colley, innovation is more than an industry buzzword. Innovation is a guiding principle he’s 
dedicated himself to both personally and professionally. Colley’s out—of—the—box thinking in
combination with his extensive technical knowledge is on unmatched force.


Colley’s past successes include serving as a key technical member for a $1 billion healthcare 
project in Côte d’Ivoire and Tanzania, Africa. The project aimed to deliver a centralized
 healthcare information system to provide the proper identification of patients and establish 
role based access to a centralized medical database containing the medical records 
for each participating citizen. Colley’s assignment immediately prior to starting WBA was lead
 Louts Notes application developer for the office of Inspector General for the Environmental
 Protection Agency. As a former member of the Central Intelligence Agency, Colley has
 continued to work alongside the government to create a range of software applications for 
use in agencies both nationally and abroad.


Colley’s professional prowess extends into his social and non—profit outreach. Through his own 
non—profit organization, Colley delivers on his goal to reduce the impact of the digital divide
 and cuts through red tape to bring vital educational software to “At—Risk” students in Maple
 Heights, Ohio. Colley serves on the advisory board for the Faru Arts and Sports Development
 organization (FASDO) in Tanzania. Colley also holds a position on the board of directors at 
the Laurinburg Institute and remains dedicated to using his skills and success to make his vision
 for an improved world a reality. He has also run for Mayor of Maple Heights where he was born and raised.


Colley currently lives in Cleveland and has two children, Rodney Jr. and Gabrielle.

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