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location tracking
Real-Time Tracking: Location

As industry leader in real life-time location system (RTLS), we are able to track a large number of assets equipment & employees spread over large area or a few high value assets within a specific area, with sub one-meter accuracy.

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Asset Tracking: Health

Motors fail, Do you know when it’s about to fail and what preemptive measures to take, to minimize downtime? Bluvsion provides visibility to motors health in real time by monitoring telemetry data including vibration and temperature

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performance tracking
Asset Tracking: Performance

WBA captures and makes available information on millions of events around your assets through Bluzone cloud solution. This information enables you to track the performance of your assets thereby reducing inefficiencies

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WBA is currently providing an outdoor mall a premier cloud-based operating system that leverages smart street lighting, beacons and iSign Media antennas to allow storeowners to improve security and increase visitor’s satisfaction through proximity marketing. Our solution provides a map of the entire property utilizing a blue dot that will guide users around the property while providing notifications about important events or emergencies on their mobile devices.

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